Wood Restoration & Staining

Wood Cleaning

deckDo you have a deck or fence that has seen better days? Don’t worry! We can bring it back to life. Using our soft wash process, we can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY clean your wood surface. We utilize a PROFESSIONAL two-step process for cleaning with pressure that won’t mark or scar the wood.

Step One-
We apply a cleaner to the wood to kill any existing mold, mildew, and algae. This cleaner is allowed to penetrate into the wood for a brief amount of time. Then, we use low pressure to remove all organic growth and clean the wood to minimize any damage to the soft fibers.

Step Two-
Now that we’re clean, let’s bring some color back to the wood! We apply a brightener to the surface that will penetrate and leave a nice honey color when finished. We do this for a couple reasons. One being we need to neutralize the pH from the cleaner used in Step 1. We also want to restore as much appearance as we can with your deck or fence. Additionally, this brightener opens up the pores of the wood. If staining or sealing, this provides a much better surface to accept any protective coating that is to be applied. Don’t let other companies fool you. Cleaning wood with only water and high pressure will damage your wood!

Staining and Sealing

StainingThe biggest cause for wood degradation is harmful UV rays from the sun. Have you ever seen how fast a new fence turns from looking GREAT to looking just GRAY? UV rays damage the top exposed layer of wood causing this unsightly color change. Homeowners also see over time mold and green algae stains start to occur mainly on decks or other horizontal surfaces.The stains we use have the best UV protectants on the market as well as mold, mildew, and algae inhibitors to help prevent any organic growth in the wood. Our stains will not chip or peel. We want to give your deck or fence the best protection possible. Another added benefit is when it comes time to apply a maintenance coat, our products allow additional coats to be applied with ease. No stripping or sanding, just clean and re-apply.