Roof Cleaning

Due to rising demand and in order to better serve our clients, Absolute Pro Wash is now offering LOW PRESSURE Roof Cleaning!

If your roof have unsightly black staining, green sludge or fungus growing on it’s surface, the longevity and lifespan of your roof is in jeopardy. Organic growth on your roof can cause a number of problems:

First– And this is the type of call we get most frequently. ‘Why does my roof look SO BAD? IT LOOKS DISGUSTING. HELP!!’ Let’s face it, bacteria growing on your roof is just plain ugly! We’ve all driven by or been to a very nice home only to look up and see a nasty, neglected roof. They say first impressions are everything! Whether your selling your house or just trying to improve your curb appeal, cleaning your roof is one of the best and most cost effective methods to instantly improve the appearance of your home.

Second– Organic roof growth makes your roof darker, retaining unwanted heat from the sun in the hotter months and making your roof system less efficient. Heat from your roof will radiate into your attic space and eventually into your home. This has the potential to drive up your cooling costs.

Third– Organic growth reduces the lifespan of your roof considerably. The main growth found on roofs in Middle Tennessee is the black soot-like growth you see streaking down. This black soot is not mold, it’s actually a bacteria that is eating away at your asphalt shingles! It’s scientific name is Gleocapsa Magma and it thrives on feeding off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingle. Over time, rain and gravity will cause this bacteria to migrate down your roof causing the visible black streaks you see. Since this bacteria is eating away your shingles, the longevity of a roof is greatly reduced. This bacteria can cause a 30 year shingle to have as little as a 10 year lifespan!

Lastly–  As stated above, this bacteria is slowly migrating down your roof. What’s underneath your roof? Your home! Heavy rains or clogged gutters can cause this roof runoff to run down the side of your home and latch itself onto your siding. This type of growth on siding can be difficult to remove. It is much more impervious to standard cleaning chemicals or harmful pressure than regular mold and mildew. If you have painted composite, EIFS or Stucco siding, this bacteria can and will remove paint!

Absolute Pro Wash has the solutions for all of the above!

We use a low pressure method of cleaning your roof that KILLS this organic growth down to the root, safely and effectively. This method eliminates the growth problem while still preserving the granules in your shingles. All at a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof system. Give us a call TODAY for your FREE ESTIMATE!

*WARNING* Any company claiming that your roof can be cleaned with the use of high pressure is just plain WRONG and IRRESPONSIBLE. High pressure cleaning can do MORE damage than the growth itself by removing granules prematurely and also causing leaks in your roof. Please do not fall victim to these gimmicks!