House Washing

Has your siding started to resemble the inside of a fish tank? Let Absolute Pro Wash make it look new again! We utilize a soft wash method to PROFESSIONALLY clean your home and kill any organisms that have taken up residence at your home. What sets us apart? Our process is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for your home. By using low pressure, we eliminate the risk of damage to your home from the use of high pressure. We aren’t blasting off the visible, top layer of growth just to have it come back in a few months. We ELIMINATE it!

What’s Our Process?

house washing mount juliet tnWe start with a thorough walk-around of the property to identify any pre-existing issues. We then wet down all plants and vegetation with fresh water prior to beginning the cleaning. We want to take every added precaution when dealing with your property. Once pre-rinsing is complete, we apply our professionally formulated cleaning solution to the exterior of your home using low pressure. This will kill any organic growth, remove spiderwebs and cobwebs, and lift any dirt or other debris off of the surface. In just a few minutes, you can see the mold spores and algae begin to die and fade away, leaving a shiny and clean surface.
After the solution has been allowed to work, we then begin the rinsing process. Top to bottom, your home is thoroughly rinsed of any remaining debris. Your plants and vegetation are rinsed again as well. Worried about your windows? Our rinsing agents in our solution do a great job of cleaning your windows in the process, leaving a streak-free shine!

Lastly, we walk around your property again to ensure everything has been cleaned to the highest standards. We also encourage the homeowner to join us during this time to see the difference hiring Absolute Pro Wash can make.

*Ask us about discounts on annual cleanings. We will be happy to go over this with you during your initial service.