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Deck Cleaning

Decks can be a wonderful addition to your home. They can add usable outdoor space that you can enjoy throughout the year. They do however require routine maintenance. UV rays from the sun can turn your vibrant colored deck to a dull white or gray color. Extended exposure to the elements also produces mold and algae on its surface. Over time, both factors can lessen the lifespan of your deck. Absolute Pro Wash offers a 3-step solution to stay on top of these issues and revitalize your deck close to when it was first installed. Pre-treating, low-pressure cleaning, and post-treatment brightening are crucial to getting the best results from a cleaning. And a lower pressure cleaning ensures no damage will occur.

Our Mt. Juliet Deck & Fence Cleaning Services

Deck Cleaning

There are several different types of wood used in deck construction in Mt. Juliet, but primarily pressure treated pine is the most common. Cedar and composite are also becoming popular. Whatever you prefer, Absolute Pro Wash can clean your Mt. Juliet deck safely and effectively.

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Deck Cleaning

Composite Decking is a growing type of deck and fence material. It’s won’t rot or decay over time. It can get dirty though. Mold is the primary cause for composite deck discoloration. The use of high pressure is not a recommended cleaning for composite. Absolute Pro Wash uses a soft wash method of cleaning this material to prevent any issues and return your deck to its original luster.

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Just like decks, your Mt. Juliet fence may be built out of a multitude of products. Pressure treated pine, cedar, and vinyl are the three most common in our area. We follow the same 3-step process for cleaning wood fences as we do wood decks. And we can also clean your vinyl or rot iron fence too!

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Fence Cleaning

Just like your wood deck, your fence needs to be cleaned and maintained as well. We offer solutions to whatever type of fence system you have. Pressure treated pine and cedar fences all receive a multi-step soft wash process to restore it to its former glory. Vinyl, metal, and composite fences all receive a standard soft wash cleaning to remove any dirt and organic growth. We know you will be thrilled with the results!

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Frequently Asked Mt. Juliet Deck & Fence Cleaning Questions

No. We do need to use ‘higher’ pressure than we would to clean the siding of your home, but we still use pressure that you can comfortably pass over a hand or foot. These psi levels are safe and effective at cleaning the wood without causing damage.

Yes, over time you will notice light speckling on your composite which is the beginnings of mold growth. This will continue to grow if not treated. While composite will never rot or decay, it still needs cleanings at regular intervals.

If you want to protect your deck or fence from the elements, you will want to have the wood stained. While we no longer offer this service, we would be happy to refer you to a company in Mt. Juliet that does!

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