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Concrete Cleaning

Whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk, or patio- Absolute Pro Wash has the answers for Mt Juliet concrete cleaning. Our 3-step process has been the #1 choice for homeowners like you looking to get their property looking new again. We start with applying a detergent to begin to lift the dirt and debris off the surface. We then move to cleaning the area using our specialized concrete cleaning equipment. After cleaning and rinsing the area, we will apply another detergent as a post-treatment. This goes down deep into the pores of the concrete to kill any remaining organic growth. We guarantee you will be blown away by the results!

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Our Mt. Juliet Concrete Cleaning and Sealing


First impressions are everything and your driveway or sidewalk is first thing you or guests step foot on at your property. Let’s make sure you don’t disappoint. We will make your property look like new!

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Do you have a beautiful patio you love to spend time on, but has started to lose its appeal? We can get it cleaned for you. For either concrete or pavers, Absolute Pro Wash has the expertise and equipment to get looking great again!

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Do you want to keep your Mt. Juliet driveway or patio looking like new longer? Ask about our sealing services to properly maintain your concrete or pavers for years to come!

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Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing is an important part of maintaining your concrete or pavers. Over time, water will infiltrate the pores of the surface and begin to accumulate organic growth. During freezing temperatures, that water can also freeze and expand causing unwanted cracks and surface degradation. Our premium concrete sealers are effective and affordable at mitigating these issues. If you want to protect your finished concrete, aggregate, or pavers from the elements, we have the solution to fit your needs!

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Frequently Asked Mt. Juliet Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Questions

Concrete is porous so every time it gets wet, it acts like a sponge and can retain moisture. This retained moisture can cause mold or mildew to grow rapidly. We recommend cleaning every 2 years to keep this growth in check and keep your concrete looking new.

No. We use the adequate pressure needed to clean but rely on soaps and detergents to do most of the cleaning. Paver patios mainly have sanded joints, so we use a low-pressure application in these situations to eliminate the risk of joint blow-out.

Broom finished concrete, aggregate, flagstone, pavers…. you name it. Each type requires a specific sealer, but we have a product for them all.

This depends on a multitude of factors, but for a patio or walkway that sees light foot traffic, you can expect our sealers to last anywhere from 3-4 years. Driveways or other areas that see heavier traffic will require more frequent sealing.

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